Akin Hills Dairy Goats began in 1999 with three grade does. We started just to have milk but after taking two of the girls to the county fair that September we decided we wanted to show. We have since aquired many purebreds. Our L line, all Americans, descend from Missie, one of our original does. We strive to continue to improve our animals with our breeding program. We are raising Purebred and American Nubians and French Alpines. Our Nubians come mostly from Lakeshore-Farms, Goldthwaite, Kastdemurs, and Sand-Bur-Kids lines. Our Alpines are from Kickapoo-Valley and Munchin' Hill. We are working to produce an animal that will milk well, show well, and hold up for years and years. We have a small dairy where we sell the milk so production is important to us.

We test annually for CAE . Our kids are raised as naturally as possible. They recieve free-choice dairy quality alfalfa, minerals and a top-qualiy grain as well as lot's of milk for good growth. They are dewormed based on fecals, and on coccidiosis prevention. We attend all births and pull the kids to be raised on CAE prevention and penned seperately from the adults.

We started the 2011 Show year with a bang! At the INDGA quad show in Dewey, OK we finished our first permanent Champion. Introducing CH Akin Hills Laure-Alaina. Alaina was 2x RGCH, 2x GCH and 1x BDIS. Akin Hills WR Baize was RGCH 1x. and to finish our Nubians Akin Hills MMF Briollette was RGCH Jr Nubian 1x. in our alpines Munchin' Hill Paris was 1x GCH Sr Alpine, Kickapoo Valley Jagged Zuno was 1x RGCH Sr Alpine, Akin Hills KN Piper was 1x GCH and 1x RGCH Jr Alpine and Akin Hills KN Kia was 2x RGCH. We are looking forward to seeing all our friends at the fairs this fall!

The 2010 Show year went very well. We showed at the Dewey Show, which was a quad show this year, Oklahoma City State Fair and the Tulsa State Fair as usual. We added a new fair when we showed at the Kansas State Fair. Danielle Jacquelynn and Jennalee had allot of fun showing against a different group of exhibitors. We made new friends and had fun learning about the in's and out's of another state fair. Here are the statistics so far:
Dewey Show (Quad Show): 8 x 1st, the rest of the results will be up soon!

Kansas State Fair: 2 x 1st, 2 x 2nd, 1 x 3rd and 1 x 4th. Grand Champion Jr Nubian and Grand Champion Jr Alpine

OKC State Fair 1st Day: 6 x 1st, 4 x 2nd, 4 x 3rd and 1 x 4th. Grand and Res. Jr. Nubian and Grand and Reserve Jr Alpine

OKC State Fair 2nd Day: 4 x 1st, 7 x 2nd, 2 x 3rd and 2 x 4th.

Tulsa State Fair: Results Coming Soon! Grand and Res. Sr. Alpine and Grand Champion Jr Alpine

Last Updated: 07/18/10

Show Season is Here

We have started the show season in Dewey, OK and will finish in October with the Tulsa State Fair. See you there!
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